We have all watched the news and seen high profile criminal cases in the headlines. Recently the Chicago news headlines have been filled with reports about the shooting at Purdue University, a 14 year old girl stabbing her sister, and charges being dropped for a man that already served 21 years in prison. Cases that garner media attention require an experienced attorney to defend the accused rights.

These are examples of three recent high profile cases:

  • Cody Cousins, 23, has been charged with murder after fatally shooting Andrew Boldt, 21, at about noon on Tuesday, January 21st. The incident occurred in a basement room inside the school’s Electrical Engineering Building. Police took Cousins into custody outside the building on Tuesday. Reports indicate that a gun and a knife were later found in the classroom.
  • A 14 year old Chicago girl is being charged with murdering her 11 year old sister on Tuesday, January 21st. The girl originally told the 911 operator that a Hispanic male intruder attacked her sister. Later she confessed to police that she had stabbed her sister.
  • Deon Patrick has recently been released after serving 21 years in prison. He was convicted in 1995 for the murders of Sharon Haugabook and Jeffrey Lassiter. Patrick claimed that police coerced a confession from him and has upheld that he did not commit the murders. Prosecutors dismissed the charges against him, leading to his release.

High profile cases demand the attention of an attorney with the knowledge and skills to protect the defendants’ rights. If you find yourself the object of a high profile defense case, make sure to contact a quality attorney that can advocate for you in the courtroom.