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Michael Chomiak is an experienced criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and skills necessary to defend your criminal matter. Since leaving the State’s Attorney’s Office, he has successfully defended clients throughout State and Federal Court for over 10 years. His professional counsel has guided countless clients along every step of the judicial process, including police investigations, grand jury hearings, bond hearings, pre-trial motions, bench trials, jury trials, post-trial matters and appeals. He ensures due process and zealously fights for the constitutional rights of his clients.

Michael is an astute criminal attorney who helps his clients achieve the best possible results for all criminal charges. His knowledge, experience and dedication allow him to provide a top quality defense for his clients.

Practice Areas

Felony charges embody the most serious offenses. Felony allegations present the greatest threat to your life and liberty. A mere allegation of a felony offense can have a devastating effect on your reputation, livelihood and overall well being. A conviction could lead to years of imprisonment and will severely disrupt your life. Even if you receive probation, the terms and conditions will impact your professional and personal life. You need an advocate to protect your life and liberty. It is crucial that you hire a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer to handle your felony matter. Learn more
Misdemeanor charges incorporate a less serious class of offenses.  Misdemeanor allegations, however, are the most common charges filed in our court system. As a result, the worst charges most people will ever face are of the misdemeanor variety. Misdemeanors can severely impact your livelihood. A conviction could lead to jail time and will affect your personal and professional life. Your case must be handled with extreme care and caution by a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer charges embody a lower class of offenses.  Learn more
Driving While Under the Influence, Driving with a Revoked or Suspended license, Driving without a license, Driving in excess of 25 mph over the limit represent misdemeanor offenses. They may raise to the level of a felony offense.  Lesser offenses, i.e. improper lang usage, failure to yield, simple speeding, represent “petty offenses.”  Your freedom and ability to drive, i.e. the ability to provide for you and your family, demands a quality attorney to protect your interests. Whether your traffic matter is a felony, misdemeanor or petty offense, you need a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney.Learn more
Under Illinois law, a person may file a petition asking the Court to expunge all or parts of his or her criminal record. Expungement can remove arrests, supervisions, and qualifying probations from your criminal record. Even if the police never charged you, the prosecution dismissed the charges or the court found you “not guilty,” the case will remain on your record until a Court grants your expungement request.  A criminal record could affect your education, employment and financial opportunities. An experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney will determine your eligibility, stream line the process and petition the Court in the proper, most effective way.Learn more
Under certain circumstances, the Government may seek forfeiture of your property if a connection exists between your ownership and criminal activity.  The Government may attempt forfeiture of your vehicle, your money and other personal items.  To protect your property, you must go to court and assert your ownership and desire to have the items returned to you.  An experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable attorney can best protect your rights and assist you in recovering your property.Learn more
Under Illinois law, the Secretary of State has the power and authority to revoke or suspend your license based on a variety of criminal offenses. Simply walking into the Secretary of State’s office and requesting your license back will not result in the reinstatement of your driver’s license. The Secretary of State has established a detailed process and you need to follow the proper steps to present your best case to the Secretary of State. You need an experienced, dedicated and knowledgable attorney to guide and aid you through your reinstatement process.Learn more
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Protecting Your Liberty and Reputation

Michael Chomiak represents clients throughout Illinois and Federal Court. He diligently and zealously protects his clients liberty and reputation.

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