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Michael Chomiak is an experienced criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and skills necessary to best defend your criminal matter. He defends clients throughout State and Federal Court. His professional counsel has guided countless clients along every step of the judicial process, including police investigations, grand jury hearings, bond hearings, pre-trial motions, bench trials, jury trials, post-trial matters and appeals. Michael Chomiak ensures due process and fights for the constitutional rights of his clients.

Michael Chomiak believes in quality over quantity when it comes to his law practice.  He treats his client’s matters like they are his own.  He knows every case presents a unique set of facts and circumstances.  He understands that a website, phone calls and emails will not answer all of your concerns regarding which attorney you should hire. An attorney facing criminal charges would never hire another attorney without an in-person meeting.  Neither should you.  Make an appointment.  Sit down with him. Determine your compatibility.  Discuss your matter, the legal process and the possible outcomes.  Then, after your meeting, consider whether you want Michael Chomiak to defend your life and liberty. Call the Office of Michael P. Chomiak and make an appointment today.


Felony charges embody the most serious offenses. Felony allegations present the greatest threat to your life and liberty. A mere allegation of a felony offense can have a devastating effect on your reputation, livelihood and overall well being. A conviction could lead to years of imprisonment and will severely disrupt your life. Even if the Judge places you on probation, the terms and conditions will impact your professional and personal life. You need an advocate to protect your life and liberty. It is crucial that you hire a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer to handle your felony matter.Learn more felonies
Misdemeanor charges incorporate a lesser serious class of offenses.  Misdemeanor allegations, however, are the most common charges filed in our court system. Misdemeanors can severely impact your livelihood.  A conviction could lead to jail time and will affect your professional and personal life. Your misdemeanor case must be handled with extreme care and caution by an knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer.Learn more about misdemeanors
Driving While Under the Influence, Driving with a Revoked or Suspended license, Driving without a license, Driving in excess of 25 mph over the limit represent misdemeanor offenses, and may raise to the level of a felony offense. Lesser offenses, i.e. improper lang usage, failure to yield, simple speeding, represent “petty offenses.”  Your freedom and ability to drive, i.e. the ability to provide for you and your family, demands a quality attorney to protect your interests. Whether your traffic matter is a felony, misdemeanor or petty offense, you need a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney. Learn more about DUI / Traffic Offenses

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Michael Chomiak has successfully represented clients throughout Illinois and Federal Court. He fights to repair their good names and bring their cases to a close with the words “not guilty.”

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