Expungement in Illinois

Having a record can prevent you from living your dreams. Your criminal record can prevent you from obtaining a better job, living in the best housing,  and getting into certain schools and colleges. Fortunately for you, The Law Office of Michael P. Chomiak may be able to help.

How to expunge a record

An expungement is the destruction and purging of a criminal arrest record by the Court clerk, the arresting police department and the Illinois State Police Bureau of Identification. If you were arrested and released without charges, or the charges were later dropped, you still have a public record. If you were granted a court deferral program or supervision, you still have a public record. In Illinois, the law does not allow for the expungement of convictions, but you may be able to have that conviction sealed.

You can have your public records expunged – the record is physically destroyed, and no one, not even law enforcement officials will see it. But it won’t happen automatically!

Even if you have been convicted, you may still be able to have your records sealed.

How to seal a criminal record

Sealing of your records does not destroy the arrest record, but it will prevent potential employers and members of the public from seeing your record. It allows you to apply for a better job or live in that place you’ve always wanted. Find out if you quality for an expungement or record sealing.

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