Criminal law involves a multitude of complex statutes that govern the behavior of Illinois citizens. Lawyers that represent those charged with breaking statutes or laws are often referred to as criminal lawyers. Other interchangeable terms for criminal lawyers are:

  • criminal defense lawyers
  • criminal defense attorneys
  • criminal attorneys

If you have been charged with a crime, you will need the help of a reputable criminal lawyer. Criminal lawyers advocate for their clients and help guide them through the criminal justice process.

Purposes of Criminal Law

Criminal law has several important purposes that greatly benefit society. The functions of criminal law include:

Maintain Order―laws provide structure, allowing citizens to know expectations and what will happen if laws are broken. It provides for the smooth functioning of society by determining an orderly way in which taxes are collected, concerns are resolved and people may interact.

Resolve Disputes―disputes are to be expected in any society. The criminal justice system allows people to resolve any disputes that occur. There is a set method for dealing with quarrels and helps negate the need for people to take matters into their own hands to exact retribution. Instead the law provides retribution in the form of punishment and allows for restoration to those wronged. For example, if a person steals, part of the sentence is restoring the amount stolen.

Protect People and Property―laws protect people and property from criminals that would harm them. Many laws are a deterrent to those that would otherwise make poor choices that inflict damage to others. Additionally they provide a way to remove individuals from society that choose not to obey the law by placing them in prison. This protects others from future crimes.

Safeguards Rights of Citizens―criminal law protects the rights by providing consequences if rights are infringed. Law enforcement and prosecutors protect the rights of those wronged, and criminal lawyers protect the rights of those accused of crimes. .

Purposes of Criminal Lawyer

Throughout history, governments have infringed the rights of their citizens. People in positions of power often abuse their positions and power. Criminal law ensures the protection of all people, including those accused of crimes. The constitution gives those accused of crimes the right to representation. Criminal lawyers fulfill this function and provide many services to their clients, including:

  • provide counsel
  • advocate on their behalf
  • render effective representation
  • uphold attorney standards of conduct
  • honestly represent matters to the court
  • act with diligence and promptness
  • avoid unnecessary delay
  • protect the client’s interest
  • protect attorney-client privilege
  • engage in continued education
  • provide prompt, effective communication
  • establish a relationship of trust
  • determine all relevant facts
  • collect reasonable fees
  • avoid conflicts of interest
  • inform client about any updates in the case

Choosing a Criminal Lawyer in Illinois

Illinois law is vast and complex. Most attorneys specialize in an area of law and gain expertise in that area. Criminal lawyers may have more experience in one area of criminal law than another. When choosing a criminal lawyer, make sure to find out what types of cases the lawyer has experience defending. Choose a lawyer that you feel comfortable with, and has expertise in the area that you are charged.

Experienced Criminal Lawyers

Attorney Michael Chomiak has experience in a wide variety of criminal matters. They will act with diligence and promptness to protect your rights. If you are charged with a crime, contact the Michael Chomiak to learn how they can defend your case.