A felony charge is much more serious than a misdemeanor. Felony charges carry the potential of lengthy prison time if a conviction is reached. Not every felony conviction does result in prison time, but depending on your crime it is a definite possibility. You can increase the odds of beating your felony charge by hiring Michael Chomiak to represent you in court.

What is a felony?

A felony charge could be any of the following:

Can felony charges be dropped?

Only a State’s Attorney can drop felony charges. Be wary of any attorney who promises you that he or she can get the government to drop your charges. Michael Chomiak can not make you any promises simply by hearing your side of the story. A combination of favorable facts, preparation and persuasive argument may enable Michael Chomiak to convince the government to drop the charges.

What can I do about my felony charges?

No matter how impossible a case may appear to be, hope is never lost with the skill and experience of Michael Chomiak. The law places a heavy burden on the government. The State must prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Only after a careful examination of the facts, the individuals involved, the evidence available to the State and the parties involved in the legal process can an intelligent opinion be rendered.

If you are a facing a felony offense, hire a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact the The Law Office of Michael P. Chomiak today!

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