Criminal defense attorneys represent people charged with crimes. The United States constitution guarantees every person the right to be represented in court. Crimes vary in severity, and whether a person is charged with a misdemeanor (minor crime) or a felony (serious crime), he/she is entitled to representation. Defense attorneys protect their client’s rights, ensure that due process is followed and enact a defense against any charges.

Defence or Defense?

A quick internet search will show definitions for both defence and defense. These are two different spellings of the same word. In America we commonly use the spelling: defense. Other English speaking countries may use the alternate version: defence. When referring to defense attorneys, in the United States, the defense version is used. Since they are very similar, a search of defence attorney will also bring up results for defense attorneys.

Broad Spectrum of Criminal Law

Criminal lawyers, also known as criminal defense attorneys, are usually qualified to represent a wide variety of cases. Since the law is vast and complex, criminal lawyers are prepared to represent clients with a variety of cases. A quality criminal defense attorney can represent a DUI case, assault case, white collar crime case and a murder case. With such a large area of law to learn, criminal lawyers work diligently to stay current with criminal law.

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

Criminal defense lawyers represent clients in federal, state and municipal courts. They are prepared to engage in a variety of proceedings including:

  • bail bond hearings
  • plea bargains
  • trial
  • revocation hearings: parole or probation
  • appeals
  • post-conviction remedies

In addition to representing clients in various proceedings, defense lawyers also fulfill several other functions, such as:

  • investigate the case
  • interview witnesses
  • research case law and statutes
  • develop strategy and build a defense
  • negotiate with prosecution
  • draft, file and argue motions
  • advocate for their client
  • draft, file and argue appeals
  • Criminal Defense Attorneys Advocate for their Clients

Even misdemeanors can be sentenced with jail time. Any conviction, whether it is probation or prison, has serious consequences. No matter the charge you are facing, a criminal defense attorney can advocate for you. Every case is different. An experienced attorney can review your case and help determine the best course of action. If there is insufficient evidence or evidence obtained without probable cause, the attorney may be able to get charges dismissed. When you know that you will be convicted, an attorney can negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution and possibly negotiate a lesser charge or sentence. Whatever the circumstances, an attorney can analyze your case and discuss your options.

Defense Attorneys Know the Intricacies of the Law

Most laws are complex statutes written in complex language. Nuances of the law can be buried in lengthy passages describing all the exceptions and aggravating circumstances of a law. Additionally, case law evolves over time adding complexity to every statute. Through years of studying and practicing the law, defense attorneys learn the intricacies of statutes and understand legal rules and regulations that non-lawyers will not know. Experienced attorneys can help you navigate the complex court system and provide invaluable advice about how to handle your case.

Criminal Defense Attorney Needed

In the majority of criminal matters, a person is best served by obtaining a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. The knowledge and expertise of a quality lawyer can make or break a case. Don’t waste a day in jail or pay an unnecessary fine, if the right advice can lead to dismissal or probation. Criminal defense attorneys are an important part of the criminal justice system because they advocate for their clients and ensure that justice is done by following the law.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Michael P. Chomiak is an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney, determined to advocate for his clients. Throughout the years, he has extensively studied Illinois law and has represented numerous clients. He treats every case individually, and seeks to give every client the defense they need. Contact Michael P. Chomiak today and have him review your case.