Data compiled by the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists (AAIM) shows that Cook County ranked #2 for driving under the influence (DUI) arrests in 2013. On the County chart, Cook County ranked just under Lake County with 306 DUI arrests for the year. AAIM advocates for DUI law enforcement to to enforce DUI laws in order to protect the public safety and prevent DUI related crashes and fatalities. The charts show that Cook County works hard to enforce the DUI laws.

Cook County DUI Program

The social services department of the Cook County Circuit Court has a DUI program that supervises and provides services for people convicted of DUI in Cook County. Driving under the influence is a serious offense that can often indicate a substantial alcohol or drug problem. Cook County’s program is geared to help driver’s understand the consequences of driving under the influence and intervene to prevent further occurrences.

Consequences of DUI in Cook County

In Illinois, a first time DUI conviction is a Class A Misdemeanor. Subsequent offenses result in even more serious consequences. The consequences of a first time offense include:

  • up to one year in jail
  • up to $2,500 fine
  • minimum 1 year suspension of driving privileges
  • the conviction will be part of your permanent driving record
  • required to complete a drug/alcohol evaluation and attend a drug/alcohol rehabilitation class
  • need to meet the requirements of the Secretary of State’s Department of Administrative Hearings
  • may have to have a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAID) installed on your car as a condition of driving
  • required to carry high-risk auto insurance for 3 years
  • vehicle registration will be suspended

All offenders convicted of DUI in Cook County must report to their DUI Program. A caseworker will monitor all aspects of sentencing, and keep in contact with the offender. In addition to any sentencing requirements, the offenders must also:

  • complete a pre-dispositional assessment to determine risk level
  • complete a specified amount of intervention and treatment hours by the Illinois Department of Human Services, Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse.

Cook County DUI Defense Attorney

If you are charged with a DUI in Cook County, you will need a professional attorney with experience defending against Cook County DUI charges. Michael P. Chomiak is a Cook County DUI defense attorney with the experience you need. He understands the Cook County Circuit Court and will vigorously defend your case. Contact his office today for more information about how he can defend your Cook County DUI charge.